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Getting started with EdgeVis
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Hi, welcome to EdgeVis!

This article will guide you to the correct starting point depending on which part of the EdgeVis infrastructure you need help with.

There are three parts to any successful EdgeVis installation:

Diagram showing an encoder communicating with a server, and the server communicating with a viewing platform.

  • Your EdgeVis encoders
    These connect to and send video and alarms from your IP cameras to EdgeVis.

  • Your EdgeVis Server
    This is the central point of your system where all encoders and viewers connect.
    It handles video distribution and user permissions.

  • Your viewing platform
    There are a number of choices to receive the video and alarms and display it to the user. This will usually be a third-party VMS (video management system) but our simple viewing client is often used for configuration and diagnostic purposes.

For a more in-depth overview of each of these areas please review the EdgeVis architecture article.

Which area do you need help with?

Depending on your situation you may already have some of these components available to you, or you are only assisting with part of the installation.

What best describes your situation?

Encoder icon

I've got an encoder that I need to set up...

Server icon

Viewing platform icon

My users should view the EdgeVis video and alarms in...

If you've already set up your Edgevis architecture and need help exploring some of the advanced features of EdgeVis.

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