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What is VMS Gateway?
Updated over a week ago

VMS Gateway is an integration tool that allows you to convert EdgeVis video into a standards based H.264 ONVIF video stream - this allows you to ingest video into an off-the-shelf video management system (VMS) that expects to connect to IP cameras.

This effectively converts your EdgeVis device (potentially streaming video from thousands of miles away) and coverts it to a fake ONVIF IP camera on your local network.

It utilises a scalable 'cluster and node' system to allow multiple machines to be joined together to create one single VMS Gateway infrastructure.

How does it work?

  • You install VMSG onto each machine you would like to use - it will run as a service on each machine in the background.

  • The first machine you install VMS Gateway onto will be the controller for the system and runs a web interface for configuration of all machines in the cluster.

  • Each machine can host one or more virtual ONVIF devices. These are the 'fake IP cameras' that will appear on your network and can be discovered within your VMS.

  • Each virtual ONVIF device can host up to 16 EdgeVis encoders.

  • Your VMS will then see each virtual ONVIF devices on your network, and when added each virtual ONVIF device will have up to 16 output streams (that tie up to your EdgeVis encoders).


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