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Getting started with the EdgeVis Client home screen
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Once logged into EdgeVis Server the interface changes to display the EdgeVis Client Home tab. This section describes the various methods to view videos, monitor alarm alerts and observe encoder map positions.

The main EdgeVis Client interface presents a tabbed interface. The first tab, which is the Home tab, can not be closed and is the launch pad from which new tabs containing video, map and alarm panels can be opened.

One of EdgeVis Client’s main features is that it includes multiple ways to access a user’s encoders to support the operational needs of different types of users. The numbered areas above offer the following ways to open a new tab:

  1. The Assets panel allows the user to quickly select multiple encoders and click View to open a new tab that contains the encoders (and optionally a map and alerts panel)

  2. The Alerts panel allows the user to monitor incoming alarm notifications. If an alert is of interest, click the alert and select View to open a new tab with the video stream from the encoder that generated the alert.

  3. The Layouts panel offers the user a number of possibilities:
    - A list of the most commonly used empty layouts, which will change over time depending on how often a user prefers certain layouts
    - A list of previously opened layouts, including the encoders viewed. These are Activities. These are ordered in terms of most recently used. If an activity is frequently used it is possible to save these for quick access.
    - A list of saved activities, with both the layout and selected encoders saved.

  4. The New Tab button ‘+’ allows the user to access the Layouts tab without needing to visit the home screen.

EdgeVis Client quick start series:

Once you've completed these steps, review the client's user guides for help with specific features.

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