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How do I connect EdgeVis Client to my EdgeVis Server?
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Your EdgeVis Server hosts the video from each EdgeVis encoder, which will be available to all users who have the appropriate login details and the appropriate permissions to view the encoders. This section describes how to log in to the server to gain access to these video streams.

On launching EdgeVis Client for the first time, you should be presented with an empty list of Available Servers:

Adding the EdgeVis Server details

To log in to EdgeVis Server:

  1. Click the Add a System button. This will start a wizard that you will use to enter the appropriate settings, checking that the details entered are valid after each step.

  2. Enter the address of the EdgeVis Server.
    (It is also possible to disable encryption, which may be required if the server administrator has disabled encryption).

  3. Select Next. EdgeVis Client will then validate the entered address and attempt to contact the server.

    If successful EdgeVis Client will then prompt for your login details. Enter the details provided by your server administrator, who must have already created the account. After entering the login details EdgeVis Client will verify that they are correct.

  4. If encryption is enabled the next step will be to verify the server's public (and unique) encryption fingerprint. This check is to verify that the EdgeVis Client is communicating with is the correct server, and not an imposter. Security-conscious users should obtain this fingerprint along with their login details (from their administrator). If the fingerprint matches, select Allow. EdgeVis Client will validate the fingerprint every time the user connects to the server and warn if it ever changes.

  5. If 2FA is enabled (and you have already enrolled) then you will be prompted for a code from your 2FA app. If you do not have access to your 2FA device/app you can use one of your backup codes (however it is recommended to visit your server instead to reset your 2FA settings if you no longer have access to the 2FA device).

    If 2FA is enabled (and you still need to enrol) you will be directed to visit EdgeVis Server to enrol first. Follow the on-screen prompts, as your choices depend on your platform, and if you want to use your current device to enrol.

  6. If the Administrator has allowed, the client will prompt to save the password. Select Yes to save the password (and if applicable your 2FA details) and you will not need to re-enter your login details every time you connect. If No is selected, the client will prompt for the password every time the server is connected to.

Once the details have been entered and validated there should now be an entry for the new server in the Available EdgeVis Servers list. The name displayed is the public name of the server, as selected by the System Administrator.

Should there be a need to edit or delete the entry, use the Manage button to display additional buttons on each entry in the list.

Finally, to connect to the server hit the Connect button to log in to the server.

EdgeVis Client quick start series:

Once you've completed these steps, review the client's user guides for help with specific features.

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