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Installing EdgeVis Client for Android

This article provides instructions for downloading and installing EdgeVis Client for Android.

Updated over a week ago

For most users, EdgeVis Client for Android should be installed from the Google Play Store using the link below. For users who can't use the Google Play store you can also manually the client using the APK file (see Manual installation below).

Version 8 will only connect to EdgeVis Server 7 or 8.
We have also made the final version of EdgeVis Client v7 available for customers who must support older installations within our Legacy Download Center - this is only available as a manual APK download.

Android minimum system requirements

  • Android 8.0+ with an ARM processor

  • For devices with custom ROMs we require the Google API Libraries to be installed.

Download using Google Play

For Android, the recommended installation method is to download directly from the Play Store. This ensures updates can be installed automatically.

Android Play Store


Manual installation

To manually install the Android Client, download the latest APK file from our Download Center, copy it to any required device(s), and then open the APK and follow the onscreen instructions.

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