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How do I install EdgeVis Client?

This article provides a quick overview on how to install EdgeVis Client, connect to an EdgeVis Server and access encoder functions.

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Before you begin…

Using EdgeVis Client requires the following:

  • The address of an EdgeVis Server

  • A user account, with permissions assigned to view one or more encoders

  • (Optionally) The encryption fingerprint of the EdgeVis Server

If you do not have this information, contact your EdgeVis administrator.

Depending on server configuration, a 2FA app may also be required for enrolling in two-factor authentication.

Platforms Available

EdgeVis Client is available on the following platforms:

  • Microsoft Windows

  • Android

  • Apple iOS

EdgeVis Client has been designed to provide a consistent experience, regardless of the platform in use. Tablet users will benefit from full 'desktop' functionality, as opposed to a scaled-up phone application.

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EdgeVis Client quick start series:

Once you've completed these steps, review the client's user guides for help with specific features.

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