EdgeVis Client user guide Chapter 1: Quick start
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This document and those referenced below act as a reference guide that outline the installation and use of EdgeVis Client. While reading the documents in their entirety is recommended, the following summary outlines the typical steps required to set up and configure EdgeVis Client, ready for use.

Next steps…

After completing the steps contained within the previous sections above you should have the ability to view the encoders which you have permission to view. For advanced users there are a number of further resources available to take advantage of the additional features of EdgeVis.

Built-in help

This document has only covered the main functions of EdgeVis Client. There are many other features available within the client and it is recommended to review the content available within the built-in help system.

Help Articles

There are many different Help Articles available on our help centre that outline the various advanced features of EdgeVis, including:

Other viewing client options

While EdgeVis Client is Digital Barriers’ flagship viewing application there are other options available:

  • VMS Gateway – allows users to integrate EdgeVis video streams into certain ONVIF compliant VMSs

  • Native VMS Support – various VMS providers now support viewing EdgeVis streams natively within their system, including vendors such as Milestone and Airship.

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