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EdgeVis Client (Windows): Configuring map providers

This article explains how to configure alternative map providers within the Windows EdgeVis Client.

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The EdgeVis Windows Client has built-in mapping support. The maps use a third-party mapping solution from MapBox that provide the mapping and satellite imagery.

Customers can add other mapping providers and offline map files. The mapping system requires:

Software version support

This requires EdgeVis Windows Client version 7.3 and above.


Start the EdgeVis Windows Client and from the top right menu select Settings.

From the Settings windows select Map.

Map Cache

The map system has a disk cache capability. As the map data is retrieved from the online map system, it is cached locally to disk. This improves the performance of the maps and reduces network overhead.

The built-in map cache is set to 30 days. Any map tile older than 30 days will be retrieved again from the online map system.

The map cache is configurable for user defined maps.

The map cache can be cleared my pressing the Clear button.

Configuring online maps

The map provider must conform to the WMS standard. The URL source will conform to the following:


The exact format will depend on the configuration of the map server.

To add an online map provider, select the + button choose “Add online map provider”

Add the details for the map provider.

An example of an Open Street Map provider


The name that is shown on the map layer selector

URL Source

The URL in the correct format

Uses Cache

Enable a disk cache for this map. This is recommended as the cache will improve the rendering speed and reduce network overhead.

Cache directory

The folder to store the cache

Cache name

The filename of the cache

Cache expiry

How long to keep the tiles in the map cache before they expire.


Is this map layer enabled.

Configuring offline maps

The map file must conform to the mbtiles standard. There are several commercial mapping providers that can provide mbtile map data sets.


The name that is shown on the map layer selector

Data Source

The Mbtiles file


Is this map layer enabled.

Accessing the map

Once configured the map will appear as a layer. Select the layer to view the map.

Built in maps

The built-in mapping layers can be disabled from the settings menu.

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