What's new in VMS Gateway 8.2? (Historical)
Updated over a week ago

This release is no longer the latest release - this page is provided for historical guidance only.

Major VMS compatibility improvement

We've implemented improvements to our ONVIF communication library to increase compatibility with third-party VMS.

We've validated our ONVIF library using the official ONVIF standard test suite and passed all tests. This should provide wide compatibility with approved ONVIF Profile S Clients.

Wider compatibility testing

As part of introducing our improved ONVIF library, we have created a VMS compatibility article that outlines the level of compatibility with well-known third-party VMS. This also outlines any known issues and workarounds.

User interface improvements

We've implemented a few changes based on user feedback:

  • The main page now displays the quality setting (Low or High) applied:

  • You can now add the same EdgeVis encoder to as many virtual ONVIF devices as desired. This allows you to have both a low and high-quality output video stream from the same encoder.

  • We've removed the 10-second delay when opening the configuration page of virtual ONVIF devices.

Bug fixes

We've fixed a number of issues to improve reliability including:

  • Latency build-up within certain VMS.

  • A small memory leak that would build up over long-term use, causing video drop out.

  • In some conditions, it was possible that VMS Gateway would incorrectly report that it was unable to connect to EdgeVis Server.

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