Updating your IP Series encoder to version 8.5.x

This article explains how to update your EdgeVis IP Series encoder to 8.5.x

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Supported Products (which would have shipped with pre-8.5.x firmware):

  • EdgeVis Video Router 1

  • EdgeVis Video Router 4

  • EdgeVis HD-IP200

  • EdgeVis HD-IP470

  • EdgeVis MiniCam

There are a number of under-the-hood changes made to your encoder to support the new security features of your encoder.

In order to prepare your encoder to install v8.5.x it is necessary to install a special gateway firmware that will prepare your device and make it ready to accept v8.5.

You can use the over-the-air firmware update or upgrade your encoder locally - the same firmware must be installed as described below.

Upgrade process

  • Check the version of your EdgeVis Server (for over-the-air updates)
    You must have EdgeVis Server 8.5 or newer installed to allow the new over-the-air firmware updates to work. Upgrade EdgeVis Server if necessary before proceeding.

  • Check the firmware version of your encoder
    Is it a version v7.X firmware? If so please update your encoder to v8.3.1 before proceeding.

  • Upgrade your encoder to the special gateway firmware
    Download and install the appropriate v8.4.11 firmware onto your device:

    HD-IP200 / HD-IP470 / EdgeVis MiniCam:

    EVVR-1 / EVVR-4:

    This firmware will prepare your device for upgrading to v8.5. It is not meant to be used in a production environment and as such will display a warning message over the live video. Once complete, you should immediately move onto the next step

  • Upgrade your encoder to v8.5.x
    Install v8.5 onto your device. Once complete your device is now ready to be used.

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