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Why can't my VMS see any of my virtual ONVIF devices?
Why can't my VMS see any of my virtual ONVIF devices?
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There is generally a three part process that happens when you add any ONVIF device to your VMS:

  1. Your VMS searches the network for any ONVIF devices - you can then select your desired device.

  2. Your VMS logs into your ONVIF device to ask for available services - including the RTSP address of the video on your device.

  3. When you ask to play the video your VMS knows the RTSP address, connects to it and starts streaming video.

If any part of this process goes wrong (e.g. your network is locked down, or your VMS is incompatible with VMS Gateway) then you will be unable to use your VMS to watch the video off your device.

There are a number of steps you can perform to help try diagnose the issue and potentially bypass any particular issue:

Test 1: Check your VMS has the correct login details for your virtual ONVIF devices

Test 2: Try manually adding your virtual ONVIF device to your VMS

  • If your VMS can't see any of your virtual ONVIF devices it is possible that your network is blocking the technology required, or your VMS isn't compatible. If your VMS allows you to manually enter an address of your device you can add the ONVIF discovery URL.

    • From the VMS Gateway homepage, click the > button on one of your virtual ONVIF devices.

    • On the details page of your virtual ONVIF device click the Discovery URL button - this will copy the ONVIF Discovery URL to your clipboard:

    • In your VMS use the option to manually enter the URL for your ONVIF device

Test 3: Try manually adding the RTSP address of individual output streams to your VMS

  • If the above step does not work you can also attempt to add the RTSP address of your out stream to your VMS. In this instance (if this works) you must then perform this step for every camera.

    • On your virtual ONVIF device's details page click the three dots menu to the right of one of your output streams:

    • This will bring up a small menu - select Copy RTSP URL which copies the address to your clipboard.

    • In your VMS paste the RTSP URL when attempting to manually add a camera. This RTSP URL include the username and password as well!

Using an RTSP URL will reduce VMS capability to video and audio playback - other features such as PTZ control do not operate when you add an RTSP URL to your VMS.


If none of these steps work you may be dealing with an incompatible VMS. To eliminate your networking setup we recommend:


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