What are ONVIF/RTSP credentials?
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On both the homepage, and in the Settings you will see options for ONVIF/RTSP credentials. You will need to use these credentials when you try to add your virtual ONVIF devices to your VMS.

When using a real IP camera you would normally be expected to create a username and password that allows you to manage the camera and view the video from the camera.

VMS Gateway mimics this behaviour. During installation of VMS Gateway it will automatically create a randomised username and password that protects access to its output streams - you won't be able to add your video streams to a VMS without it.

Viewing the ONVIF/RTSP credentials

The quickest way to access the credentials is to hit the ONVIF/RTSP credentials button on the homepage:

This will show a popup where you can copy and paste the username and password that you use when adding your videos to your VMS.

Changing the ONVIF/RTSP credentials

There are two ways to change the ONVIF/RTSP credentials:

  • On the ONVIF/RTSP credentials popup on the homepage click the Edit these credentials link.

  • Click the Settings button at the top of the page and look for the ONVIF/RTSP credentials section - click the Manage button.

Both of these will open a page where you can view and change the current credentials:

You can enter a new username and/or password. The new password must conform to these rules:

  • Must be between 8-32 characters

  • Must NOT contain a non-alphanumeric character. Example: #@!

  • Must contain a number

  • Must contain an uppercase character

One you Save your password you must also re-add/re-configure your output streams in your VMS. If you do not, they may continue to function temporarily (as the are currently being transmitted to your VMS) but will fail once the VMS tries to reconnect to VMS Gateway.


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