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What's new in EdgeVis? (Updated 12th June 2024)
What's new in EdgeVis? (Updated 12th June 2024)
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This article summarises recent software and firmware releases, new product launches and EOL notices for retiring products.


EdgeVis Server 8.6.2 released (12th June 2024)

  • Adding an output stream with the same name as the encoder could cause a server error if it was not added in the first position.

  • An Internal Server Error could be reported in some cases when adding a second output stream.

  • An issue was identified where the encoder was vulnerable to losing EFI boot options, which resulted in an error of 'No bootable disk'. A change has been made to ensure that the encoder creates an EFI fallback boot option to ensure this cannot occur.

VMS Gateway 8.3 released (23rd April 2024)

  • ONVIF Profile S Support for Safezone-2D triggers

  • New HTTPS web security improvements

  • Image previews within your VMS

  • On-the-fly configuration of Virtual ONVIF Devices

  • Improved logging and error states

EdgeVis 8.6 released (17th April 2024)

  • VPN support that allows your encoder to behave as a Wireguard VPN peer

  • Increases in maximum output video streams for EdgeVis Video Router 4 and 4RLโ€‹

  • Changes to encoder configuration options

  • Improvements in streaming performance


EdgeVis 8.5.3 released (19th December 2023)

  • Introduces WPA3 support for encoders

  • Includes over significant 20 bug fixes across all components

HD-IP250 end-of-life (30th November 2023)

  • End-of-life notice issued

VMS Gateway 8.2 released (7th November 2023)

  • Major VMS compatibility improvement

  • Wider compatibility testing

  • User interface improvements

EdgeVis EVVR-4RL launched (20th October 2023)

  • A new LAN-only higher temperature range encoder has been released. This encoder support 8 camera inputs and 8 output EdgeVis streams.


EdgeVis EVVR-1R launched (20th October 2023)

  • A new higher temperature range 4G encoder has been released. This encoder supports 1 camera input and 1 output EdgeVis stream.

EdgeVis 8.5 released (3rd August 2023)

  • Major upgrades to how our encoders and clients handle security.

  • Updates to EdgeVis Server to make licensing easier including trials and auto assignments of body worn licences.

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