What's new in EdgeVis 8.5? (Historical)
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This release is no longer the latest release - this page is provided for historical guidance only.


The release introduces a number of major enhancements to EdgeVis including:

Each component also includes a number of minor fixes and performance improvements - we've highlighted any major fixes below.

Encoder firmware security upgrades

Supported Products:

  • EdgeVis Video Router 1

  • EdgeVis Video Router 4

  • EdgeVis HD-IP200

  • EdgeVis HD-IP470

  • EdgeVis MiniCam

We have released a new firmware that includes the following security improvements:

  • Utilises latest security features and best-practices
    We've overhauled the underlying base platform which now allows us to take advantage of the latest security features a permanent firewall that is always running, the encoder's configuration is now more securely stored and the encoder has firmware tamper protection.

  • We've implemented secure web interface (SSL) for local web configuration
    The local web interface on an encoder now uses https instead of http meaning your encoder configuration is now secure! You will see a security warning that you have to accept to proceed (because the certificate is self-signed - this is expected behaviour).

    If you try to visit the old http://[encoder ip address]/ URL you'll be automatically redirected to the new https://[encoder ip address]/ URL.

  • Secure password requirements for local web configuration
    We've introduced password complexity rules onto the encoder, requiring the use of a strong password, and a timed auto lock-out feature should someone on the same network attempt to guess the login incorrectly.

  • New mandatory firewall
    By default the encoder will now always operate with a firewall. This will block all incoming and outgoing traffic that isn't necessary, and also includes an option for you to lock down the encoder even further (See this article for more details).

  • Ability to securely format a recording disk using the local web configuration
    Some users have asked that they can securely erase recording disks. If you use the local web interface you can now perform a secure erase, but please be aware this can take many hours!

  • Bug Fix: We improved how we handle high bitrate video (from your camera) to avoid the blue screen you could see when your camera was outputting very high bitrates.

  • For security reasons we've removed access to the backup / restore configuration feature - please contact support who will advise on the new process required.

Users who want to upgrade to version 8.5 on these devices should review the upgrade process - two firmware are required, the first of which prepares your devices to use the improved secure features.

EdgeVis Server improvements

  • Trial/demo licence now included in EdgeVis Server
    By default, EdgeVis Server will now allow an unlimited number of temporary licences to be assigned for the first 30 days after installation. This is to allow full installation of EdgeVis Server and all devices, while a licence request is processed in parallel.

    If no valid licence is installed before the 30 days elapses, then all temporary licences are invalidated on day 31.

  • Auto-assignment of body worn / mobile encoder licences.
    You no longer have to allocate EdgeVis Mobile encoder licences (or the recording/external camera extensions) to you any account in advance. You simple have to create the account, and when the device come online all licences will be assigned automatically (assuming you have the appropriate licences installed on your servers).

  • For security reasons, the existing feature to 'log out other sessions' when a user changes their password now logs out all sessions, including the one the user is currently using.

  • Automatic 'Password reset' e-mails
    For users who have enabled e-mail account management we've added an extra security feature that warns users (via e-mail if their password has been changed.

  • Bug Fix: Some users have complained that PTZ control of cameras can occasionally be lost which required a client or encoder restart to regain - this issue should now be resolved.

  • Bug Fix: Users utilising MSR could get random 'Internal Server errors' when attempting to upgrade encoders remotely.

Updated clients

This release includes updated Windows, iOS and Android clients. These include some bug fixes and performance improvements as well as:

  • Updates required to support the encoder's new security features

  • EdgeVis Client for iOS now requires iOS 15

  • EdgeVis Client for Android now requires Android 8

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