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EdgeVis Client - System settings
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Application and user specific settings can be changed from the Settings menu.


Local Settings


Alarm sounds

Enable alarm sounds when a new alert is received

Show analytics on video

Enable analytics data on the video

Show encoder location on video

This will show the lat and long values on the video

Open video on alert

On an alert being received at the client, it will automatically open the video for viewing. Optionally a map and alert view can be opened as well

Images and videos location

Set the location where images and videos are stored By default the local media folder is set to the users Documents folder. This can be moved to a new location with the option of moving any existing media to the new location

On Server Start-Up

On connecting to a server, the application can automatically start-up as follows

  • Open the home page - Start the application normally

  • Continue where you left off - Open the videos and maps that you had open when you closed the application

  • Open this activity - Open a saved activity

Not all open features will be saved, such as PTZ or Full Resolution.

User notification settings

The notification settings are used by the Central Alarm System to inform users of a rule triggering. On the rule triggering all the enabled notifications will be used.

You can enable or disable the notifications sent via SMS and E-Mail.

Contact your System Administrator to check which of the following mechanisms are enabled on your system.

Mobile Push

Any iOS and Android client you have used to connect to the system will be listed. The date the device was first connected is shown along with the type of device. A friendly name can be set for each device as well as disabling notifications to an individual device.

Map settings [Windows only]

Refer to the EdgeVis Client (Windows): Configuring map providers article for configuration of different map providers. Contact your System Administrator for more information.

Encoder Settings

The user must have the correct permission level to access an encoders settings

Open the asset to be configured, select it and from the Settings menu select Configure encoder...

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