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EdgeVis 8.5.2 Release Now Available - October 2023
EdgeVis 8.5.2 Release Now Available - October 2023

8.5.1 Firmware Patch

Updated over a week ago

Important Update

As of 26th October 2023 firmware version 8.5.2 is now available for download from the link below.

Customers running versions 8.5.0 or 8.5.1 can upgrade directly to 8.5.2.

Customers running a pre-8.5.x firmware should follow these instructions to prepare their device for the upgrade.

This Critical Patch Update addresses this issue and contains 2 new fixes;

  • Resolves a compatibility issue with Local Viewer that could occasionally cause Local Viewer to crash

  • Allows the device configuration page to accept more complex camera passwords with symbols

We recommend users upgrade their compatible devices at their earliest convenience via the normal route. You can upgrade directly from 8.5.0 to 8.5.2.

The download can be found here

Please use the chat if there are any concerns or guidance required.

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