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CRITICAL DEFECT - Newly released 8.5.0 firmware
Updated over a week ago

In the last few hours, a critical defect has been discovered in the recently released 8.5.0 firmware. The defect can occur if a user re-configures their device and then reboots. When this happens the config then has a <1% chance of corrupting.

When this rarely occurs it will cause the device to factory reset itself. This unforeseen issue was introduced by some of the new improved security and encryption schemas we have used for the config.

As most of you may already be aware, there is no ability to downgrade to an earlier firmware because of the new security implementation.

So what's next?

We already have a fix, which is currently being tested by our Quality Assurance team. We expect to release this as an emergency patch week commencing September 18th.

For users that have our devices with 8.5.0 firmware out on critical operations or proof of concepts we recommend you do not change any config on your devices until a patch is released and the devices have been upgraded.

If you have any concerns, please reach out to one of our support team members or your account manager.

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