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How do I change my VMS Gateway login password?
How do I change my VMS Gateway login password?
Updated over a week ago

If you want to change the password you use to login to the VMS Gateway management web interface, you should:

  • Log into VMS Gateway

  • Click the Settings button at the top right of the page

  • Under Advanced look for the Admin password section:

  • Click the Change button

  • You must now enter your existing password, then enter a new password (twice). The new password must meet a certain level of complexity:

    • Must be between 8-32 characters

    • Must contain a non-alphanumeric character. Example: #@!

    • Must contain a number

    • Must contain an uppercase character

  • After you change your password you will be logged out - you should now login with your new password.

It is not currently possible to change the username (admin) or create additional users.


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