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Logging in to VMS Gateway for the first time
Logging in to VMS Gateway for the first time
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The primary machine in your VMS Gateway hosts a management web interface that you will use to configure and manage your installation.

The web service runs at:

https://[IP address of your primary VMS Gateway machine]/

Version 8.2 and below

Please note that older versions use http:// and not https:// - some browsers default to https in their address bar if you do not specify http.

Open your web browser and point it to the address above.

You will see a warning/error from your web browser that the security certificate isn't valid:

This is expected, as VMS Gateway uses self-signed SSL certificates to encrypt the web traffic. You must ignore this error in this instance and continue (for this browser the option to proceed is hidden until you select Advanced).

You will then be presented with the login screen:

The default password is password - once you enter it you'll be asked to change it to something more complex.

Once you've set a password you'll be able to login with your new password and start setting up VMS Gateway.


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