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How do I configure Ubuntu network settings?
How do I configure Ubuntu network settings?

Instruction on how to configure Ubuntu networking to allow VMS Gateway to operate correctly.

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Required network settings

There are two things you should configure to allow VMS Gateway to operate correctly:

  • Disable all non essential network ports on your machine.
    VMS Gateway will create virtual ONVIF devices on your machine - each with its own IP address. To allow these devices to be visible on your network it is important that the only one network interface is active on your machine

  • Give your Ubuntu machine a static IP address on your network.
    As a networking server VMS Gateway needs to stay at a known address on your network.

Wi-Fi connections are not supported in VMS Gateway - you should use a wired connection to connect your machine to the network.

Step 1: Open Settings

Open the settings application and select the network item from the list on the left:

Step 3: Disable all extra networking interfaces

The right panel will list all of the network interfaces on your machine. Each entry will have two controls - an on/off switch, and a settings button:

You should use the on/off switch to disable all of the networking interfaces that are not the primary interface that will be used to connect your machine to the network. Only one interface should be enabled after this step

If your machine is already connected to your network, the active interface should be marked as Connected under the Wired section.

Step 3: Configure the network adapter

For the remaining primary network interface you should use the settings button to open the network interfaces settings. Select IPv4 from the the tabs along the top:

By default, it will normally be set to Automatic (DHCP) - this need to be changed to Manual.

Once selected, new controls will appear underneath. You should enter:

  • Under Addresses you must enter an IP Address (Address), Network Mask (NetMask), and you network's gateway IP address (Gateway).

  • Under DNS, you should disable Automatic and enter the IP address of your network's DNS server.

  • Hit Apply to save your settings

Step 4: Force Ubuntu to use your new settings

Unlike most other operating systems Ubuntu does not immediately use your new network settings until the next time your machine is rebooted.

To force Ubuntu to use your new settings now toggle the on/off next to your network interface twice. Once to disable the interface, then once to re-enable it.

Your network interface should now be using the new settings. To confirm you can use the setting button to view the current state of the network interface:

The Details tab should now show your settings in effect.


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