About EdgeVis MiniCam
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The EdgeVis MiniCam is a revolutionary option for rapid deployment of CCTV cameras. The EdgeVis MiniCam combines our unique video-streaming and analytics solution, into a robust and simple to deploy enclosure.

Key features

  • One-piece, lightweight and compact for quick and easy installation

  • IP66 rating, robust enclosure and vandal-resistant

  • 360 degree PTZ 1080p camera, x12 Optical Zoom

  • Up to 2TB of onboard storage

  • Live streaming over cellular (2G/3G/4G) and WIFI

  • Ultra-resilient, real-time video and audio streaming over cellular, from as low as 9Kbps

  • Fully encrypted end-to-end government grade security

  • No latency. No video corruption. No unexpected data costs

  • Real time alerts by email, SMS, push alert, or direct to the Control Room

  • Capture, enhance and share operational data such as stills and video even when network conditions are poor

  • Extract high-res images to scrutinise individuals/areas of interest

  • Easy integration into third-party systems

  • Available with SafeZone accredited 2D video analytics for intrusion detection

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