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EdgeVis Client (Windows): Command-line installation options

This article provides guidance on installing EdgeVis Client for Windows from the command-line.

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Installation options

The EdgeVis Windows install suite is available in several installation options. The latest version can be downloaded from the Download Center.

Windows installer

The standard Windows installer includes all the required pre-requisites and will perform some system checks before upgrading.

The full windows installer can be run with the following options:

-s, /s, -silent, /silent

-q, /q, -quiet, /quiet


-install (optional, it will default to this)

The silent/quiet option will install the application without any user prompts.

MSI installation

MSI files are available on request for the different Windows components. This does not include any of the system pre-requisites, the user must ensure the following libraries are already installed before installing the MSI. All libraries are available directly from Microsoft.

The MSIs can be installed with the following options:

-q, /q, -quiet, /quiet

The quiet option will install the application without any user prompts.

To uninstall the MSI use the following command:

msiexec /uninstall “EdgeVis Client Installer 7.2.0.msi”

This will uninstall quietly:

msiexec /uninstall “EdgeVis Client Installer 7.2.0.msi” -q

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