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Downloading archived footage

How do I remotely download archive footage from an encoder?

Updated over a week ago

The recordings can be downloaded from the remote encoder using the Recordings Downloader. Recordings downloader is installed as part of the EdgeVis client.

Recordings are stored on the encoder at the original video resolution. This can result in very large file sizes that may take a long time to download.

  1. Selecting a time to download

  2. From the action menu, select Download Remote Recording.... You must have the correct permissions and the encoder must be configured for recordings.

  3. On opening the remote recordings, select the time range required and click GET FILES

    1. Choose the files to download and adjust the amount of bandwidth to be allocated to the download. You will be shown an estimate of how long the download will take.

    2. Select DOWNLOAD to add the files to recordings downloader. The files will now be sent to the Recordings Downloader service.


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