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How do I connect to a server with my EdgeVis Client?

This article will explain the steps to undertake, to connect with EdgeVis client to an EV server

Updated over a week ago

The EdgeVis client is capable of connecting to the EdgeVis Server. From the System Connection Page, select ADD A SYSTEM


  1. Contact your system administrator for System and User Credentials

    • Enter the Server Address of your EdgeVis server. To connect to the system using a secure encrypted link, tick 'Connect using encryption". The client will now check the server information is valid.

  2. Enter your Username and Password for your system.

    • You may be asked to change your password if requested by the system administrator or to enroll for two-factor authentication.

  3. About encryption

    • Connecting to the EdgeVis Server over an encrypted link verifies the identity of the server and encrypts the data link to ensure it cannot be intercepted.

      On first connecting to the EdgeVis Server you will be asked to confirm the Public Fingerprint of the server. Contact your system administrator to validate the Server Key is correct.

  4. Saving authentication

    • If allowed by your system administrator, you may be able to store the password securely on your system.

  5. Connecting

    • Select CONNECT to connect to your system

  6. Managing

    • Select MANAGE to change the details of a server.

    • Select EDIT to change the details of system or DELETE to delete a system.


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