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EdgeVis Client - Maps
Updated over a week ago

Click on the MAPS icon to open full screen maps or open a view with a map component.

The location of encoders will update in real time along with their state.

Select an icon on the map, or select it from the list to highlight it. Right click on the encoder on a list to open it within a video pane.

Filtering the view

Select the filter icon to display. Choose from Online, Standby, Offline or encoders with no location set.

Icon clustering

Icons are clustered if they are too close together to view on the map. Double click on the icon or zoom in to view the encoders.

Sensor mapping

If an encoder has seismic sensors attached they will be displayed on the map, along with the current radio network map. Click on the network icon to hide the sensor map.

Hide an encoder

Click on the icon to hide an encoder from the map

Setting location

If an encoder or sensor does not have a location set, click on the SET button to open the set location interface.

Drag the encoder or sensors onto the map and position as required.

Changing map provider and offline maps [Windows only]

Refer to the EdgeVis Client (Windows): Configuring map providers article for configuration of different map providers. Contact your System Administrator for more information.

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