Upgrading to VMS Gateway 8.3

This article outlines the steps to update your existing installation to the latest release

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This article is intended for users who are currently running VMS Gateway 8.1 or 8.2.

If you are running a pre-release version or version 8.0 you must perform these steps instead:

Upgrade steps

These steps are the same as a fresh installation - however, your configuration is retained by the installation process.
Expert users can download the .deb file here if required - however, we recommend following the instructions to download and install in two simple commands.

Do you have a multi-PC installation?

You should perform the following steps on the primary PC first (the one running the web interface) and then on each of your additional PCs!

  • Open the Terminal application – this should give you a command prompt

  • Download VMS Gateway using this command

wget https://bit.ly/3Jq0Lic -O install83.deb

NOTE: the -O parameter is the capital letter O, and not a zero!

  • Run the installer using this command:

sudo apt install ./install83.deb
  • You will be asked to enter your Ubuntu password, and then to confirm installation.

After the installer has completed allow your system a couple of minutes before logging into the web interface. Your virtual ONVIF devices may take up to five minutes to become available as they are upgraded to the latest release.

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