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Version 8.6 backwards compatibility

This article explains how you can integrate this EdgeVis release into your existing setup that may have components running older versions.

Updated over a week ago

This EdgeVis release generally maintains the same backwards compatibility as previous Version 8 releases, while introducing support for the new v8.6 encoder firmware (which does require new minimum server versions). Please review the details below for more information:

EdgeVis Server v8.6

  • EdgeVis Server v8.6 will only accept connections from v7 & v8 EdgeVis Clients/Decoder SDK applications, but full functionality is only supported for v8.1.1, v8.6+ clients, and applications using the v8.6 Decoder SDK.

  • Actively supported devices (and supported encoder firmware):

    • All EdgeVis Video Router devices (v8.6+ supported)

    • HD-IP200, HD-IP470, MiniCam (v8.3.1+ supported, v8.6+ recommended)

    • HD-IP150, HD-IP250, HD-IP450 (v8.3.1 supported)

    • 4K-R800, HD-Q800 (v8.0+ supported)

    • HD-S600, HD-R700, SD-Q600 (v7.3.1 supported)

  • Legacy Composite Devices (such C300, C310, S400, R400, R500) can still connect, but full compatibility is no longer guaranteed. Customers are recommended to maintain a V7 infrastructure to support these devices.

If your encoders are running firmware older than the supported versions (and newer firmware versions are available) you are able to:

  • firstly upgrade your EdgeVis Server to v8.6,

  • then over-the-air firmware update all out-of-date devices.

Devices running older v7/v8 firmware are still allowed to connect and then be upgraded over-the-air.

EdgeVis Encoder Firmware v8.6

This firmware is only available for EdgeVis Video Router devices, HD-IP200, HD-IP470 and EdgeVis MiniCam.

It is only supported when attached to an EdgeVis Server running v8.6 or above.

It is strongly recommended that you upgrade your server to v8.6 before upgrading your encoders to v8.6.

Encoders running v8.6 firmware will connect to older v8.0 EdgeVis Servers, but you should be aware that:

  • It should function normally - but this is not guaranteed and is unsupported.

  • You will not be able to perform any over-the-air firmware upgrades to this device until you upgrade to EdgeVis Server 8.5+.

WARNING: Once upgraded to v8.6 your encoder can NOT be downgraded to a firmware version below 8.5.

EdgeVis Client v8.6

  • EdgeVis Client v8.6 will connect to V7 & V8 EdgeVis Servers, but is only supported on v8.0+ EdgeVis Servers.

  • EdgeVis Client for Windows requires a 64-bit version of Windows

EdgeVis Decoder SDK v8.6

  • EdgeVis Decoder SDK v8.6 will connect to V7 & V8 EdgeVis Servers, but is only supported on v8.0+ EdgeVis Servers.

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