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EdgeVis Client - Area of Interest
Updated over a week ago

New in V8.0

  • Area of intersets is now per input. A different AOI condifuration can be set per video input.

  • A new option to blur the background.

  • New options require a V8 encoder.

Some encoder models support the Area of Interest feature, if the model is supported and the user has the correct permissions the Change area of interest option will be available under the Settings menu.

Area of Interest allows you to identify areas of the image that are of more interest in order to prioritise them for streaming. Areas of less interest will be of a lower priority.


Open the area of interest settings and enable the feature. Mark the areas of the image of most interest by selecting the squares.

The slider sets the strength between the selected and unselected areas of the image and determines how much data each area will receive. Setting the slider to total will give all of the data to the selected area.

The blur option will set the unselected areas to blur rather than use reduced data.

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