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EdgeVis Client - Full Resolution
Updated over a week ago

Full resolution allows retrieval of the original resolution image cached at the encoder. The live video will continue to stream.

This feature is available on Windows and mobile devices, however the ability to save sections is only available of Windows.

Selecting a frame

On opening full resolution, a film-strip of the available images are displayed.

Select the frame of interest and retrieve the section of interest by dragging a rectangle on the screen.

A progress indicator shows the progress of the download. The time taken to download will depend on the incoming video resolution and the amount of available bandwidth.

Multiple sections can be selected for downloading. The entire image can be downloaded by selecting RETRIEVE FULL FRAME

The image on screen can be zoomed in and moved around to make area selection easier.

Saving an image

On mobile applications, select the save icon to save the entire image to devices photo app.

On windows it is possible to;

  • Save the entire image

  • Save an image area

  • Save an retrieved section

For each option the user can;

  • Copy the image to the clipboard to be pasted into another application

  • Save to disk. This will save to the user defined local media folder

  • Send as an email. This will open an empty email with the image attached

Saving a retrieved section

Hover over the section to be saved, an select the required option from the pop-up menu.

Saving the entire image or a section of the image

Select SAVE and from the menu select the option required. To save an area, drag a rectangle of the area to be saved.

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