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EdgeVis Client - Resuming from an auto-saved state
Updated over a week ago

This feature is available on Windows only.

If the application or system running the application stops unexpectedly, the application will offer the option to restart from an auto-saved state.

The application will automatically save the current state as it is being used. On restarting the application you will be prompted to restart from the last auto-saved state.

Not all running state can be saved. Tabs with temporary state, such as full resolution or settings, can not be saved.

If multiple instances of the application where running, it will offer multiple options to restart from.

Resuming a state

Select Restore from the menu to automatically reconnect to the server and resume the last state. Any other auto saves states will be deleted.

Start normally

Select Start normally to run the application as normal. The auto-saved states will be deleted.

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