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EdgeVis Client - FAQ
Updated over a week ago

How do I view a video stream?

  • From the HOME screen pick an asset and select VIEW

Why can’t I access a feature?

For a user to access a feature on an asset;

  • The asset must have that feature licensed

  • The feature may require to be enabled and configured by the system administrator

  • The user must have permissions to access the feature

Check with your system administrator if a feature is not available.

Why can’t I access an asset?

If the asset is not in your asset list then it may not exist on the system or your system administrator may not have given you permissions to access it. Check with your system administrator.

If the asset is in your asset list but currently offline, it may be offline for several reasons

  • The asset has not been configured correctly to connect to the system

  • The asset has no network connection

  • The asset has no power or been turned off

  • The asset is currently in a sleep state


ACTIVITY - A layout that has been populated and loaded onto a tab

ASSET - An encoder or other edge device

LAYOUT - An empty grid of video, map and alert components that can be viewed in a tab

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