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EdgeVis Client - Asset list - Introduction
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Asset list - Introduction

Asset list

Throughout the application, the Asset list can be used to search and select assets. The asset list will only show assets that the currently logged in user has permission to.




The available features for this asset, see details below


The name of the asset


When the asset was last connected to the system. Only displays for offline assets


When the asset was last viewed on this client


Whether the asset is Online or Offline


Assets with certain features will be indicated on the asset list with icons

    • asset has location information

    • asset has sensor nodes configured

Asset views

The asset list has multiple views.

  • A..Z shows the assets in alphabetical order

  • Recently Viewed shows the last viewed assets

  • Nearest shows the assets that are closest to the viewer (Mobile only)

Use the < > to switch between the asset views.

Filtering assets

Assets can be filtered in a few ways.

Toggle the ONLINE button to show only the assets that are currently connected to the system.

Type into the SEARCH box to find assets with a particular name.

Opening an asset

View a single asset

To view a single asset, highlight it and click VIEW. This will open the asset in a new tab.

View multiple assets

For multiple assets, highlight each asset then click View

The application will attempt to pick a layout that is suitable for the selected assets. Use the Layout wizard if specific layout is required.

To clear the highlighted assets, select CLEAR

Viewing assets with a map or alert

Select the Asset or Assets to be viewed by highlighting them. Toggle the MAP and ALERTS options to enable the feature on the new layout. Select VIEW to open in a new tab.

A Layout will be automatically selected and opened in a new tab.

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